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Real Estate in Cairo

In recent global real estate news, sectors of the Cairo market have shown a positive increase performance-wise upon analysis during the first three months of 2015.  This improvement in their market lead to a stronger confidence and investment inclination, helping increase political and economic stability for the country.

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According to an article published in Property Wire, “A new analysis from international real estate firm JLL says that this confidence is most clearly illustrated by the recent announcement of the mega real estate project Cairo Capital which will serve as an extension for New Cairo and will draw the centre of gravity further to the East of the existing city,” (Improved Economy and Political Stability Boost Cairo Property Markets). Data confirmed that residential sale prices increased across Cairo over the first quarter of the year. In addition, the hotel real estate market has also shown an increase in performance with the amount of tourists and occupancy rates rising.

Improved sales figures within the residential market in Cairo are also showing an increase. According to Property Wire, “Apartment and villa sale prices increased during 2015 across all the areas monitored by JLL as many residential developments have few units left and have increased prices accordingly,” (Improved Economy and Political Stability Boost Cairo Property Markets).

Even better news is that this positive economic outlook is expected to continue to increase investment in the residential sector throughout the year. Cairo is undoubtedly a city to keep an eye on for the entirety of 2015. For more information about Africa’s real estate market, read this article published by Property Wire.


Global Real Estate Trends

According to an article published by Carisa Chappell on, foreign real estate investors have been favoring commercial real estate in the United States for quite some time now.  Chappell explains, “Markets in the United States dominate as the top global cities for real estate investment, according to participants in the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate’s (AFIRE) annual survey,” (Chappell, Survey Shows Internationals Investors Favor U.S. Commercial Real Estate). The top global cities that have been favored for investment were: New York, London, San Francisco, Washington, and Houston – with the United States representing four of top five.

gary richetelliBut what is the reasoning for this?  Chief executive of AFIRE discussed with why the U.S. is preferred to all other countries in the world.  In Chappell’s article, Fetgatter says, “‘I think non U.S. investors have some faith that the U.S. is coming out of the recession.  The recovery may be slow, but I think they feel like it’s a definite recovery and we’re not falling back down into another recession,’” (Chappell, Survey Shows Internationals Investors Favor U.S. Commercial Real Estate).  In addition, Fetgatter noted noted that commercial real estate in the U.S. is one of the most stable, secure investments that people can rely on.

Apart from the United States, Turkey was also noted as being a country that contained an increase of renewed interest in AFIRE’s survey.  Turkey was ranked number three for the top emerging countries to invest in this past year and has been on the rise in previous ones.  With Turkey’s location, “Fetgatter attributed the renewed interest to Turkey being the logical place for companies looking to establish a foothold in the Middle East,” (Chappell, Survey Shows Internationals Investors Favor U.S. Commercial Real Estate).

In terms of the latest global trends for commercial real estate, it looks like America and Turkey are up there on the list, but if you want more information on this topic, check out’s article here.


Georgetown University’s New Global Real Estate Center

In recent real estate news, two Georgetown University McDonough School of Business alumnus are donating $10 million for the school to build a global real estate center. Robert Steers and his wife, Lauren, want this center to help both undergraduates and MBA students prepare for global real estate careers by offering various career planning strategies and consulting projects.

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Georgetown’s new Steers Center for Global Real Estate

Mr. Steers is the current CEO of the global investment manager Cohen and Steers in New York City, which focuses on real estate innovation, along with infrastructure and commodities and income solutions. Mr. Steers commented on his excitement of the new building to the Washington Business Journal, stating, “‘It was important to me to see Georgetown McDonough create a formal real estate center with the financing to be permanent and to think and plan strategically,’” (Clabaugh, Georgetown Biz School Alum’s $10M Gift Funds Center for Gloal Real Estate).

The Steers Center for Global Real Estate, which was once the school’s Real Estate Finance Initiative will implement individualized career planning with experienced professors and mentors, helping the school become one of the primary destinations for global business education.

For more information about the new Steers Center for Global Real Estate, please read the Washington Business Journal’s article here.

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