Gary Richetelli has been a commercial real estate developer and investor for over four decades. During that time, Gary Richetelli has honed his skills and knowledge in Commercial real estate management, development , investment and in house mortgage services, establishing himself as one of the leading experts in the Connecticut Commercial Real Estate Market. Gary Richetelli focuses on the New Haven County and route 1 corridor  from Milford to West Haven.

Gary Richetelli | Experience:

Gary Richetelli has over 40 years of experience in commercial real estate- from development to investing to managing.

Commercial Development Company-President, September 2005

Commercial Development Company is a full service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Advisory Firm. The company manages properties across the entire state,  particularky in New Haven County including a strong emphasis along route 1 corridor from Milford to West Haven.

Oceanside Development Associates- President, September 2003 – August 2005

Gary Richetelli was the president of oceanside development associates from September 2003-August 2005. Oceanside Development Associates was a real estate development and management company.

Guardian Management Company-Principal,  May 1993 – August 2003

Gary Richetelli was a principle at Guardian Management Company from May 1992-August 2003. Guardian Management Company was a successful Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Company.

Colonial Properties-President, July 1978 – April 1993

Gary Richetelli was the President of Colonial properties for nearly 15 years. Colonial Properties was a Commercial and Investment Real Estate Company.

Gary Richetelli | Education:

gary richetelliGary Richetelli attended the University of Bridgeport for his undergraduate degree in Business Administration.  After his time at Bridgeport, Gary Richetelli attended the University of New Haven for his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance.


  • Commercial property management
  • Strategic Planning and forecasting
  • Business and investment opportunities

Professional Skills:

  • handshakeResidential, commercial real estate design and development
  • Zoning, entitlements, construction commercial/residential
  • Private placements, joint ventures, private equity by Gary Richetelli
  • Advanced commercial property management
  • Real estate mortgage origination, underwriting, and placement
  • Commercial real estate finance/lending and servicing
  • Asset, construction management, and consultation
  • Commercial real estate Sales, Leasing,  and Management
  • Broker, Realtor 30 + years

Interests & Passtime:

  • International travel and touring
  • Exotic and sports car racing, shows and events
  • Motorcycle long distance touring
  • Snowmobile and cross country skiing

Organizations & Affiliations:

(past and present)

  • New Haven MLS board
  • Connecticut Association of Realtors
  • Member-New Haven CID
  • Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI)gary richetelli
  • Appraisal Institute
  • Yale New Haven Hospital Ped. Cardiology parents gp.
  • Connecticut Bank and Trust executive board
  • Amity club member
  • Boston Post rd. street lighting committee, vice chairman
  • Melebus club member-New Haven (ethnic social club)
  • National Italian American Club member
  • Naples Ferrari club member
  • Chamber of Commerce Orange, Milford, West Haven
  • Orange Economic Development Corporation, charter member

Corporate Interests: OWNER

  • Prime Realty LLC.
  • Milford Equity Assoc. LLC
  • Windsor Main Assoc. LLC
  • Chase American Mortgage Co.
  • Farm River Estates LLC.
  • European Acquisition Co.
  • Crossroads Assoc. LLC
  • Blue Hills Assoc. LLC
  • Cedar Woods Estates LLC
  • Family Capital LTD.
  • Commercial Development Company
  • Northpointe Associates, LLC
  • Brotherhood Partnership LTD
  • Larsens Landing, LLC
  • Leveraged Equities LTD.

Corporate Interests: CO-OWNER

  • Vantage Equities Incorporated
  • Milford Post Assoc. Inc.
  • General Asset Company
  • Starview Ventures LLC
  • Central Post Assoc, LLC
  • Commercial Realty Assoc. LLC
  • Broadway Medical Associates Inc.