Commercial Development Company (CDC) is a full service real estate, development, and investment company now the parent and main operating company of Gary Richetelli founded in 2008 and located in Orange CT.

CDC is a local Connecticut based commercial real estate firm who provides development, management, and investment services to both private and corporate real estate owners with an accentuation on maximizing growth potential.  They take pride in being a cutting edge innovator by providing their clients with a full arsenal of commercial real estate investment, leasing, asset management and property management solutions, including consultation, project management construction management, and financing solutions. They have also built solid relationships with bankers, and investors for the duration of their years of experience working in all areas of the real estate industry and Gary Richetelli and his son work together to deliver the best possible results with the tools they have to work with.

This privately held company has a portfolio of over 50 choice properties throughout New England totaling over one million square feet with more on the way.

Gary Richetelli also has exhaustive ties with statewide and wall street lenders to facilitate the specific type of lending for the particular category of investment property to be financed depending upon exactly what the investment parameters may be.